About us


Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

“Quality of Excellence”

Our vision is derived from our deep understanding of the importance of “Excellence” achievement in everything we do, in order to gain the appreciation of all our clients through the quality of excellence on the level of products, services, work conditions or whatever we offer, such as opportunities and possibilities for attraction and sustainability

Our Mission

To achieve sustainable benefit and growth for all stakeholders by being committed to providing the necessary support and resources and maintaining the quality of our products and performance.

For our employees

Provide safe and stable work environment and supporting capacity and skills development along with equitable income and growth opportunities.

For our customers

Achieve customer satisfaction by providing fair opportunities, respecting agreements, achieving mutual benefit and providing the highest quality products and services.

For our shareholders

Gain remunerative returns for shareholders by safeguarding security and stability of the company and continuous growth.

For our society

Proceed with commitment to the principles of transparency, governance, laws and regulations, protect environment, provide employment opportunities and support national economic activities to achieve the objectives of the company and stakeholders and enable the possibility of involvement in a noble community role.

Our Values

Excellence in performance through Integrity, Superiority, Teamwork and Mutual Respect


About us

Al Badia Cement (JSC) is a joint-stock company emerged from a joint venture of reputable international Companies and local investors , with annual licensed OPC production capacity of 3.2 million tons and authorized capital of 9.760 billion Syrian pounds.

As of the second quarter of 2011 the company started its production process through its first production line, and with highest specifications. The company started meeting the local cement market, as the company enjoys an important strategic location, whether in its being closer to the biggest cement markets in Syria, Damascus, Damascus countryside, middle and southern regions, or in its being close to the markets in the neighboring countries