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Message from the Chairman and CEO

Chairman Speech

With the effects of the global financial crisis (2007-09), followed by the challenges facing the cement industry in light of the current status quo in Syria and the region, we have never doubted the great potential laid for the future of the Syrian economy.

In Al Badia Cement, we managed to arrange the required funding and construction of the company’s cement plant on time with the highest standards.

Since the beginning of our operations in 2011, we continued to supply the Syrian market with high quality cement through the empowerment of our Syrian workforce whom we feel proud and confident of their ability to continue and achieve greater success.

We are pinning great hopes that the coming days would come with restoration of security and stability in the country, side by side with our keenness to proceed with providing the Syrian market with top quality cement, while sustaining the company's good reputation via respecting others rights, laws & regulations and committing to being transparent and socially responsible.

Emad Al Muhaidib


CEO Speech

The cement industry is facing many challenges, locally and globally, to reduce environmental impacts, and secure energy needs via implementing more “Clean Energy” and “Alternative Fuel” projects, in markets that are experiencing stimulating competitive and logistic conditions.

In addition to the exceptional circumstances experienced by Al Badia Cement since the beginning of our operations in 2011, in light of the deteriorating demand on cement, supply chain difficulties for fuel and raw materials, numerous security incidents leading to detriment of company’s resources as well as many other burdens.

However, we are proud of our team’s distinguished achievement that proved the excellence of our Syrian workforce and their ability to proceed, and further develop in exceptional circumstances with highest degree of strong will and determination.

We highly appreciate the support received by the company from all official parties and stakeholders, reaffirming our determination to continue till we reach the pinnacle of our success.

Khaled Al Sawaf

Chief Executive Officer


About us

Al Badia Cement (JSC) represents one of the biggest industrial projects in Syria and enforced the activities of building materials industry in the country while meeting the needs of the demanding Syrian cement market and creating the opportunity for Syria to become a cement exporter.